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Hello - I have watched four debates that have included both Dr. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson - and I have read the goals and platforms of both the Green and Justice parties - so my respectful question is: how are these 2 parties different? If I could cast 2 votes, I would certainly cast them for Dr. Stein and Mr. Anderson. I don't think I have found any areas of disagreement with either candidate.  My favorite party is the Vermont Progressive Party, which is a state party instead of national. I think it's been great that Rocky and Jill are both running, so that our point of view can be heard by at least some people! I hope they both do well. (:

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Justice Party has not held a national convention yet, so our platform is incomplete/unofficial.  The Green Party however doesn't support a 2 state solution in Israel. This is different from Rocky, but then again I think I read that is different than Stein as well. 

The biggest difference for me here in Nebraska, is that people will talk to me and listen when I tell them about the Justice Party.  Most people seem to see the Greens as a single issue, international group (something they have no interest in).

I was also drawn to the Justice Party by Rocky's message, delivery and experience.  His history of standing up for rights and the rule of law is unmatched by any other candidate.  This party and his campaign are lest than a year old. Considering that the level of ballot access reached is rather impressive.  This seems to me the best vehicle to deliver a progressive message to the most Americans.

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