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What is the Justice Party position on "outsourcing"? Haven't been able to find anything regarding this in the nomenclature.

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While the Justice Party is still developing it's platform (not all state parties have been formed and there has been no national convention) Rocky has spoken on the issue.

"NAFTA and CAFTA were betrayals to working people and their families and should be repealed or, at the least, re-negotiated so that employers of U.S. workers are placed on a more equal footing with employers of people in other nations.  We should do what we can to return to the United States jobs lost to other countries as a result of the globalization of capital and the free trade agreements that benefited primarily the multi-national corporations that have moved many, if not all, of their operations outside of the U.S."

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The Justice Party should be Anti-IMF Anti-World Bank, the very organizations that exploit impoverished countries with Neoliberal policies that are the centerpiece of American imperialism and globalization. Its my belief that The Left-Center keynesian economist Joseph Stiglitz has the most qualified opinion on the issue. Read his books titled "Globalization" and "The Price of inequality". they are must-reads for every progressive minded person out there.
"Ronald Reagan was the devil."-Huey Freeman
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