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I'd like to share a brief status update on Justice Party state building efforts.
I wasn't able to obtain some reports in time for this email, so the chair-people/point-person from the states that I missed can jump in.
(And if I missed any states, please also jump-in)

Before I get into the update, a very quick run-down on what the state conference has been up to.
* We are setting up social media accounts for all 50 states; Facebook & Twitter. The results thus far are very encouraging with new people 'discovering' the party each day along with placing the party name on the radar of media/politicians/ORGs.
* We have setup a central hub for state files. This will help us to collaborate and create a better distributed org.
* We are working to divide the country into regions that will be managed & help in mentoring supporters to build state parties. This team will replace the single state building party manager that is currently vacant.
* We are working on creating a short-term strategy document for the party that ends with a convention in 2013. A further long-term strategy document will be drafted and submitted to the NSC that takes over after the convention. It will address: outstanding debts, changes in bylaws, platform improvements, fundraising, IT infrastructure of new website, membership management, road-map for state party building, messaging, milestones to be reached in 2014, 15 and 16.
* We are considering the creation of a JP candidate guidelines document that will inform candidates what we expect of them.
* We are considering an online ToDo/task system that can assist new point people understand the steps they need to take and also allow the mentors to track their progress.
* We will be cranking out marketing collateral once the logo is complete
* We celebrated over 3,800 LIKEs on our Facebook page last week

We've have some great new people join the party at the state level and their passion should give us all great hope for the success of the party.
I encourage anyone who doesn't see their state listed below to contact me so we can get moving on your state party building efforts.

New Parties:
Alabama - New point person excited to get party established.
Arizona - Very capable member of stepping up to get things going.
Arkansas - Former point person relocated to Boston. No activity.
California - New core group working to reboot the party. Spiffy new website that will soon launch, having meetings and organizing officers, planning to attend United We Stand Festival.
Colorado - Several people wishing to start the party, but no leader yet to step forward.
Connecticut - Working towards becoming Official Justice Party. Will file with Secretary of State as minor party for 2014. Speech next month at UConn event. Working with smaller in-state parties.
Florida - Several people wishing to start the party, but no leader yet to step forward to take charge.
Georgia - Two or three people considering getting the party moving
Iowa - Two or three people considering getting the party moving
Kentucky - Two people considering getting the party moving
Louisiana - Had point person. Lost touch.
Maryland - Getting their social media in order. Working to send out their first mass mail to supporters. Plans to set up website.
Massachusetts - Possible point person contacted but can't commit until Summer 2014. Efforts made to reach out to Independent Party of Mass.
Michigan - Unable to obtain report in time
Nebraska - Posting to Facebook (60 LIKEs), looking to expand to Twitter
New Hampshire - Recent contact with potential new point person.
New Jersey - Single (or two?) point person. Have lost contact.
New Mexico - Getting help from member of former Indie party, introducing excited new point person.
New York - Unable to obtain report in time
Ohio - Great new point person. Researching ballot access. Will get active on social media.
Rhode Island - Single point person. Needs additional help/guidance.
Tennessee - One man team getting the party going. Website complete. Active on social media with 79 LIKEs on Facebook.
Utah - Several people expressed interest. But lack of contact made them drift off. Need Rocky to help get people moving.
Vermont - Former point person working with Progressive Party.
Wisconsin - Had point person. Moved on to the Constitution Party. (?!?!?)

Official Justice Party:
Illinois - Submitted forms to become Official Party! Growing email member list. 8 person steering committee. Working on strategy document.
Texas - Official Justice Party. Personally reaching out to new members.
Washington - Official Justice Party.  Unable to obtain report in time
Pennsylvania - Official Justice Party. Planning to compete in elections. Having virtual state meetings
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