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The Constitution Project report notes that the use of torture in Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and at CIA “black site” secret prisons has damaged the standing and moral authority of the United States and has placed at risk U.S. soldiers, diplomats, and even tourists venturing overseas........The report notes somewhat drily that former officials who now defend the intelligence value of torture lack credibility because they were, generally speaking, the ones who had approved the practice in the first place. But based on its interviews, the panel was unable to develop any persuasive evidence that inflicting pain ever produced anything more than false leads and fabricated responses intended to stop the suffering.

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the right to do what you want to yourself as long as your not physically harming some one else should be added to the plateform so like if you want to drugs you can or if you want to brink ink or something you can cause its your body add that to the platform

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@lucas:  I think most of us generally agree with your sentiment, but that might be a bit broad for a platform plank.  That's probably a value that most of us share, rather than a specific political objective that we hope to achieve.  I believe several existing planks (both in the national platform and in state platforms) honor this value, but if you have specific ideas about things that are missing, then please share!
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