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Reply with quote  #1  = register as a company/organization. After you get # number of likes, your address will change from a boring number to your actual group name. You should post to the Justice Party main Facebook to announce yourself. Or sometimes comment as well. Resist posting super long entries. No one reads them. Be sure and clever, but not high school level either. Check ALL your facts before posting, 'Dems proclaim world is flat!'  = You will start with no followers. Google or use Twitter to find a few dozen reporters/indie reporters in your state. Start following them. In turn, they are likely to follow you. That just builds on itself. When Tweet, be sure to use hashmarks and Twitter names. For example, "The @GOP is driving us to a #fiscalcliff" You should also follow some blogs and newspaper sites. In your tweets, try to mention the justice party (with the @ symbol). Be sure to write a good profile for yourself. Mention your state in your profile. Don't tweet things about your life. Like, 'Watched TV today.' They need to be JP specific or about politics and issues.
For Facebook and Twitter, ask other JP party people to follow and LIKE you. Remember, although you represent your state, you also represent the name of the party. Follow Rocky's advice on being civil and true to our CORE VALUES. = Allows your members to meet face to face and RSVP. You’ll also attract new members that are part site. Free join but to make a group, you must pay. Not too bad though. Here is my trick. Start the process to make a group. But don't finish it. Within a day or so, the site will realize you started to make a site but stopped. Boo hoo. So they will send you a 50% off promo code. Use that and register your group. Nobody likes to join a 'loser' group. So ask your friends and neighbors to join your group. Once you get enough real members, you can remove them from your group. = This is a good and free blogging platform. Very easy to use. I don't think writing 10 page articles or your thesis everyday is the way to go. Save your time. Make it readable. A post can be a few paragraphs to 2 pages. More than that, you are losing your reader. After all, you are not the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. Try to spice up your writing with KEYWORDS. This will make search engines pick up your site, leading more people to your door. = This is an alternative to Tumblr. Also very easy to use. Advantage is that should your party grow, you should have an easier time switching to This is a free CMS (See below) version which you can install on your own system. = You might not look like a movie star to stand in front of a camera, but there are other means to making a video. Many presentation software allows you to export your presentation in a format that can be added to YouTube. Make some slides introducing your party, values, issues and add a little background music. For inspiration, look at some of the videos that Rocky's video man has created.

Try to select the same user name on all sites. For example, I try to use JusticePartyCT on all the above.
Don’t use your personal accounts to create the JP account.
BTW, I have tried Google's social site, G+ and didn't find enough people on it. You can also set up Flickr site to store your photos as well.
On many of the above social sites, they can ‘talk’ to each other. So when you tweet on Twitter, that tweet will be placed on your Facebook page. For all these sites, make sure you fill out all the URLs of your other social sites. i.e. On Meetup, put your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
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OK, I've tried to keep my "mouth" shut for a few days to give people a breather from what may seem to be rather heavy responses.   But on the use of social media, I feel a strong need to say some things.

I see social media as useful and necessary in this electronic communication age.  But, just like with any technology, it needs to be used wisely and appropriately.   I have attempted to get "involved" in using social media, and I have observed some things.

Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters.  On one hand, this might be limiting to the uncreative.  OTOH, it could be extremely powerful.  The problem is, there is a tricky balance in achieving effective messaging.  Most of the messages I was seeing on the feed for another political party were cryptic; I could not decipher the meanings of the messages, whether in or out of context of the others.  The result, for me at least, was a lot of meaningless "noise."  Noise is an irritant after a while, and so I dropped the idea of trying to use it.

I was labeled an "old fart" for my obviously uncool attitude.  Soon after that, I left that group completely.  I realized they were all young (20's maybe 30's) and, frankly, one expressed an opinion of us more senior folks that unequivocally stated that we are some sort of barrier to social and technological progress.

I want to apologize to all the people in the world for my completely inappropriate response to that insult.  I should have simply accepted it and moved on, secure in the knowledge that older people (who were taught to write at least somewhat grammatically-correct sentences, nt a bynch have jibrish) are neither wanted nor needed in this revolution.   There are, admittedly, plenty of older people who are quite comfortable speaking txt, because some of them were never good at writing to start with.

This is, as young people like to (incorrectly) use the word, a major "fail" (did I say that right to you?).  One very serious defect in that approach is the fact that seniors are increasingly a larger and larger demographic, not only in the US, but in Canada, Egypt, Greece, and numerous other Western countries where revolutions have been driven by social media.   Leave them out, and you leave out a huge constituency. 

Obviously, I am very biased in this matter, and I could care less if that's so.  I just think that from a strategic POV for this or other parties trying to gain mass support, it makes no sense to callously ignore, marginalize, or even antagonize such a huge swath of the social fabric, especially one that is so dependent on the sorts of social programs our party no doubt supports.   The elderly are our friends, fellow JP's!!!   We should be cultivating them, not excluding them by narrowly focusing on one mode of communication.

Many older people, including retirees, regularly use the Internet and the Web (hey, my 73 year-old mother used email and surfed a little before she passed).  But not all of them do, and let's remember that their physical ailments may prevent them from using some of the tools typically associated with things like Twitter -- consider how small mobile phone buttons might be excruciatingly uncomfortable, even painful, for someone with arthritis, a very common ailment among the aged.

As I said when I opened this post, I am not entirely against the use of social media or the web (I mean, hey, here I am using it).  But I am leery of using it exclusively, or with a total focus on it.   Social media is excellent for reaching a large number of people, particularly those who were weaned on devices speaking the mysterious and cryptic language of Txt where details of any important event can be reduced to ascii rubble and proliferated in seconds, whether the message might mean something to someone else or not.

My question to you is, of course, rather, how do we reach a greater audience of left-leaning individuals outside the land of ROFLMAO?   LOL.

Cooperation, coordination, and clarity are essential to creating a political party based on equality. Cliches and equivocations will not move this or any other party forward.

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Valid points, but this post is to help state parties reach supporters via social networks. To keep this post on topic, please create a new post on how best to reach the segment of supportes who are not utilizing social networks/older supporters. Then we can brainstomr ideas in that post. Thanks!
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