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Gmail = Get yourself a gmail address. Helps to reduce spam. Use
something like

Google Docs = Helpful for creating and storing documents such as PDFs,
Word, spreadsheets. Also you can share calendars and all docs.

Mail Chimp = You can use their service to send 12,000 emails a month.
VERY easy to use. VERY nice pre-made templates. This can also act as
your member’s membership database

Survey Monkey = Handy online survey software. Get to know what your
members think on issues or actions

Skype = a great way to hold a remote/real time meeting with your members across your state.

Google Voice = Need a telephone number? Use your Google account and visit their Google Voice page. You can select a local telephone number. You have two options for listening and making calls with your new number (1) Use your computer to view call transcripts and to playback an messages left. You can also call out using your computer. (2) Purchase a VOIP device. Example is OBI100. This connects to a router in your home/office. A regular phone then connects to this device. When your Google Voice number gets a call, your regular phone will ring. And you can make outbound calls too... just like a normal phone. But best of all, FREE local calling. (Note, you can also have Google Voice transfer calls to a mobile phone)

Disqus = an excellent site that allows you to embed a commenting system on your site. Think of it as adding a forum to any of your sites.

Libre Office = If you can’t afford Microsoft Office, this free office
tool is just almost as good. You can save in standard Microsoft
Inkscape = Good for making vector art and PDFs. For example flyers

GIMP = Good for making/editing images. Like Photoshop. (Note, there
are MANY online sites for editing images. Do a search)

Scribus = More technical but good for making brochures and doing other
layout stuff

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When you make a gmail account for your state ( do you just use your own name in the first and last name feilds?

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Entirely up to you. You could use your chairman's name, or "Justice" for first and "Party" for last name or "Justice Party" for first and state for last name.

For Connecticut, I use two emails....

contact at

I use this when contacting outside groups and official work. This mailbox is on my website's server. (I have this email forwarded to the below gmail account)

For personnel use, I have:

carloscamacho.justiceparty at

The Google Voice account and other google accounts are tied into that one. In hingsight, I would have used connecticut.justiceparty at But I can easily arrnage that.

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