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Call Participants

Carlos Camacho (Connecticut)
Ben Shaw-Ben Shaw, “ben” (Texas)
McKenzie Nellis, “mckenzie“ (Tennessee)
Lenny Brody, “Lenny” (Illinois)
Steen Kirby “Steen” (Georgia)

Alan Hyman, and Bret Shepard (Maryland)

Blyden Potts (PA)

Introductions by our two new point people in Maryland Alan and Bret. Both spoke about what attracted them to the party and what they are currently working on. Potential for a regional meeting with the folks in PA.

Status of the NSC structure was provided and what led to the current changes.

Discussions on how the State Committee could play a greater role in the governance of the party was covered.

The question on the criteria for future state point people was raised. Should there be criteria and if so, what?

Scheme for setting up all 50 state websites funded by current state parties to achieve a 'turn-key' state party for future point people, as well as to bold SEO and state memberships was presented by Carlos.

Difference between 'official member' and 'supporter' was discussed and some background on the various databases was provided, along with the 'vision' for our own VAN (Democratic Party) membership system.

Report on California and Tennessee Parties was provided.

Feedback for California's website template was requested. Hopefully to serve as a model for future state websites.

Mention of new point person in Wyoming.
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