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Sorry, these notes are late....

Combination of October 1st & October 15

Reminder to listen to Confab recording and quick summary of key points from strategy document by NSC was mentioned.

JP of MD has secured URL for website. Working on text for website with assistance from Carlos and 'template' from JP of CA. Will eBlast mailing list once website is up.

JP of CA website, need to get issues section written and sent to Carlos.

JP of IL text being worked on for website. Ratified as official JP chapter (Congrats!)

Reminder of the Google Drive storage location was given. Hope to serve as a hub for storing common files that state and national people can use; i.e. brochures, posters, forms, etc.
Currently available for all state point people.

JP of CT will give speech at University of Connecticut, have a table to sign up students and hand out JP branded items

Justice Party Activist Network was promoted on Facebook, with more members/supporters joining. Perhaps a good place for policy/issue stances to be discussed?

Rocky promoted national Justice Party Facebook account on his profile page, LIKEs swelled to over 4,000. (Looking forward to catching up to the Greens!)

Carlos funding exposure of new state parties on Facebook. Money bomb idea was talked about. Setting specific targets for fundraising, setting a goal, and achieving funds in order to implement different projects.

Discussion of Regional Coordinators (RC) was carried out. RC would serve to help mentor new point people in states, motivate them and also be proactive in setting up new state parties in their regions. We covered how many RCs we need, and what regions they would be responsible for. We also debated whether regionalism or same time zone has an impact on dividing the regions. Conclusion: We need to base it on the people that thus far have engaged in the State Committee meetings and balance the work load of all RCs as to not overburden any person. Go slow and as more people step up, fine tune the regions. RCs will meet virtually to improve overall state party building and also interface with official party officers and the State Committee Manager.

Need for better vetting of state point people. Example, JP of WY. RC would handle an interview/vetting process.

Richard of Ballot Access was invited to speak at next week's meeting.

Laura Bonham, national co-chair, will be taking over the State Committee meetings.

Carlos provided insight into Twitter project (setting up Twitter accounts for all states): Reach people who would never have heard of the JP, a cheap way to expand the name, reach followers of other parties and candidates, keep squatters from stealing the addresses, place our name in the head's of media people; and convert that into coverage and interviews for future campaigns, draw in activist by following like-minded groups, draw in potential state party point people, collaborate with other groups. Overall: Winners breed winners in that people will be drawn to a party on the move and expanding across the country. JP of NC showing great promise and several state point people have come forward from this approach. Starting at 'A', he is JP of ND in setting up accounts.

Marc Black of JP of NM and wife working on some text for a party brochure.
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