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State Meeting Notes - September 17, 2013

State Party Building Committee
Lenny (IL)
MacKenzie (TN)
Sean (CA)
Ben (TX)
Marc (NM)
Aaron (PA)
Peter (FL)
Carlos (CT)
Observer - DJ (Ohio)

Carlos Report
* Creation of Twitter accounts for all state parties is 1/2 way complete. All Twitter accounts to be linked to their respective FB accounts. Starting to get followers on Twitter and LIKEs increasing on FB. Questions are also coming in via Facebook. Will be a great launch pad for 2016. We are nearly at 4,000 LIKEs on our Facebook account!
* Will be working with a graphic designer (party member) on branding style-guide and other multimedia, such as videos and presentations.
* Approaching Free & Equal org to allow our JP of CA chairman to speak at the United We Stand festival. At minimum, chair and co-chair will attend festival and attempt to set up a booth to recruit and educate about and for our party. JP of CA website progress continues. Will be used as model site for future state websites.
* Michael B. of NSC is trying to cleanup NB member database. Answering unanswered emails in our contact inbox and directing people to the right place.
* Created a central storage location for party documents and resources utilizing 'Google Drive'. This free service allows party officers to store all documents for collaboration, such as national and state platforms, state party founding papers, graphic assets, etc. The goal is to decentralized workflows, be democratic, be agile, etc
* Late News: Potential new point person in Massachusetts. 

Around the country
* IL = 7~8 core members, creating strategic one-year plan for IL state. Working out 'how to insert' party into mass movements.
* TN = Making list of past candidates in TN, gearing up for first meeting
* CA = Wants to get booth at festival (See above). Conducting state calls every 3 weeks.  Would like to get on local radio. Setup Tumblr blog page. Will work on state platform soon.
* TX = Contacting their Facebook fans on a one-to-one basis. Wondering about the future of NSC.
* PA = 2nd state web conference, 3 locations. Open source all party documents on GitHub. Starting to focus on regional party. Issue with assigning new chairperson due to gender requirements in current Bylaws.
* NM = Party needs to focus on Albuquerque with its young demographics, Marc's fundraising capability was brought up. Recommended all state parties connect with the many new local radio channels soon to go on air. Getting calls from people interested in his past party (Independent). Need to direct them to a point person in NM.
* Carlos met with Sec State of CT to get overview of state party creation in CT. He will give a speech to UCONN students about the JP in October and also have a booth.

<--Some callers dropped at this point -->

Point(s) to ponder
"Are we here to form a political party or just a movement?"

Potential Short-term Road-map
1) Assign four regional point people = help to mentor current state point people, find new point people in their region
2) State Committee requires its own staff of: treasurer/fundraiser, marketer/communications, membership/volunteer manager
3) 1+2 meet bi-weekly
4) Finish all Twitter accounts, sync with FB accounts
5) Complete JP of CA website. Create several templates based on their design, roll-out to other state parties
6) Send mass mail to all supporters segmented by states asking for point people & volunteers. Have them connect with their regional point person
7) #2 work on a strategy document to the end of 2013. Map out how to get to the 'virtual' convention.
8) Work on bylaw modifications to be presented at convention
9) Run virtual convention in Nov. Pass 2013 platform, bylaws, logo/branding, elect officers to new NSC
10) New NSC takes over after convention under direction of JNC (Justice National Committee, aka state committee)
11) Work on 2014 platform based on democratic and transparent methods (crowd-sourcing?) Complete JP strategy to 2016.
12) New website for national party
13) New membership system roll-out (aka, our own V.A.N. system)
14) Fund-raising and eCommerce put into high-gear gear: (a) debts cleared (b) working budget set (c) strategic ads run online to build party membership (d) pool created to fund potential 'winning' candidates in 2014.
15) Buy domain names for all state parties. Setup simple websites for all 50 states.
16) Plan for Fall 2014 convention (rotating between 4 regions each year)
17) 25 State parties created by end of 2014.
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