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Disarray of NSC and lack of state committee manager was discussed.

Carlos covered his project to create the Twitter accounts for all 50 states. "Creating the accounts will lead to followers of the state parties which will build awareness for voters as well as within the media. The Twitter accounts are being linked to their respected Facebook page for account posting synchronization."

We hope to provide each new state party with a 'turn-key' package of Facebook, Twitter and website to get them up and running quickly.

Justice Party of California website was introduced. We hope to utilize this site as a template for future state party websites. This is to increase state membership, improve search engine optimization, serve as a contact point/recruitment point and to also reduce the load on new state point people.

Question was raised on state of national party website. Answer: On hold until national party progresses further.

Discussion on vetting and the criteria of new state point people. Suggestion was made for phone interviews to insure point person has the: passion, ideology and the skills needed for success. A job description for state point person would be created.

An online 'ToDo' system would be introduced to help state point people understand the steps required for state party creation.

With a lack of appointment for state committee manager by the NSC, the idea of regional state point people was made. The country would be divided into four regions. Each region would have a point person that would serve as mentor to point people in the states within their region. They would answer questions, provide motivation, track the success, monitor the web-based ToDos. They would also meet with other regional point people to discuss matters. Their role would also include actively recruited new point people to create state parties. The four regional point people would serve as a foundation for future party leadership, filling the leadership vacuum by the national party. It was suggested a treasurer be assigned to manage state party funds, independently of the national party and potentially a membership manager to better facilitate and coordinate memberships with states.

Some members expressed interest in taking the regional position and some members suggested possible candidates.

The need to hold a national convention (virtually) was brought up so that a new NSC could be formed, bylaws re-written and a platform adopted.

A short-term strategy document that lists the required steps to conduct a virtual convention in 2013 was discussed. The focus would be on real actions items that would refocus the party to complete the convention in 2013, allowing for an explosion in state party creation in 2014.

Next meeting September 17.
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